If you like to trade demo tapes and live recordings, send me an e-mail with your list. All of my stuff has been transfered to CDs from the original media, so if you need cassettes, make sure to specify. Check for updates occasionally, I still have lots of stuff to put up here.

Aghast - 9 Track Demo
Ass - Demo 1
Ass - Demo 2
Cheerio - Drunk of God Demo
Cthuwulf - Gaishu Issyoku Demo EP
Desobediencia Civil / Pos-Guerra - Demo
Eve - 2nd Demo
Harto - Demo
Korades - Demo 2005
Look Back and Laugh - Demo
Los Crudos - Last Stand: Last Show at Fireside Bowl, Chicago
Men In Search Of The Perfect Weapon - Demo Recordings 2004
Mind Pollution - Demo
Misfits - Beyond Evil: Demos & Outtakes 1977-1980
Misfits - Live at Hittsville, Passaic, NJ, 12/25/1981
Misfits - Recording Session at Master Sound Productions, Franklin Square,
NY, 08/05/1980 - 09/05/1980
Neuron - Demo
Rammer - Choke on this Shit Demo
Scuttle - 3rd Demo